Yoga & Ayurvedic practices
rooted in seasonal living & healing

Learn practices that help you find balance holistically in both body and mind.

Our seasonal yoga practices offer a way of staying flexible, fit, calm and energetically balanced all year round.

They allow us to connect with the rhythm of the year and align our energy, promoting health and harmony through every season.

The seasonal yoga and ayurveda approach is for everyBODY and accessible for all.

Approachable Yoga Coaching for all Levels
Gather & Grow your Yoga Practice
Flowing with Earth's cyclical Nature

In supporting ourselves to find spaciousness and stillness through Yoga, we are able to feel nature’s voice of energy in the crashing of the waves, the shade of a tree or in the power of the sun.

It may also explain why we feel good in another’s presence as they are sending out qi that matches our own.

The world right now needs this. It needs people to heal, people who listen, people who care, love, serve – who raise the vibration of themselves and those around them.

At times we need to be uplifted, moved and inspired. Consider your Yoga practice as a means of making the fullest use of your time here on earth by fortifying and cleansing your energy so those who are in need can be held or supported by the energy you transmit.